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The Healthcare bill and how it effects your life??

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As I would expect most of you to know that history was changed when Obama signed the healthcare bill and congress used the nuclear option (using just a majority instead of a 2/3 vote in senate) to pass it, I am wondering the impacts of it on your jobs. Pepe, Chris and Tj are all in the healthcare business. Papaw being a trainer potentially owning his own business. Myself running my dads business and Steve, Jordan, Jeremy, and Derek working different jobs.

As for me, up untill last year we offered full health insurance for our employees. Now they pay $10 a week pre-taxed so it comes out to like $6 a week. But we have what is considered a "cadillac" plan. Our deductibles for virtually everything are $500. My copay is $15/Specialist $45/Emergency $200/Urgent Care $75 and my Prescriptions are tier1-10 tier2-40 and so on. I do not know all of the specifics but if my plan is worth over $10200 per person or $27400 for families I will be accessed an excise tax because I take care of my employees well. Granted that will not be charges until 2018. Also I would get a tax credit for each employee that I provide insurance for that makes under $40000/year. But I have 1 person on that plan. The insurance company will undoubtedly raise premiums and I will also have to pay more taxes to cover this crapshoot of legislation. Also it has been tossed around that you will have to pay a fine if you do not provide insurance for you employees. But there were some adjustments made to the bill as it was passed so I am still unclear as to whether we will have to pay a fine or not. Which by my calculations It would be cheaper for me to pay the fine, and give my employees a raise to pay for their healthcare than to pay for it myself. From what I have read there is not fine if you employ under 50 people in your company and I am at a cool 16. But the concern I have most isnt neccessarily how will my company pay for my healthcare as to how will the nation do it.

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2 Lengthy AND it will piss you off on Tue Mar 30, 2010 9:39 am


This bill is an absolute disaster. I would imagine for both PeyPey and and myself (and TJ too for that matter)...our salaries will not drop. Although, what will undoubtedly happen to ALL OF US is that we are going to pay more taxes. Obama says that he will not add any taxes to anyone making less than $250,000....HE IS USING A PLAY ON WORDS. While he does not add any additional taxes to us directly, if you look at the bill, he drastically reduces tax breaks for anyone making more than 40K a year & adds indirect taxes, THEREFORE REDUCING YOUR TAKE HOME PAY AT THE END OF THE DAY.

Here is a brief summary of the tax increases we will see:

1. 40% excise tax on any plan that has coverage in excess of $8,500/person (This is the cadillac plan tax that Rybred was talking about)

2. Medicare Hospital Insurance tax - probably won't effect us much

3. Tax added to Pharm companies that import drugs - Fundamentally, Corporations don't pay taxes. They never have and never will...they pass the cost on to the consumer (aka ANYBODY THAT USES MEDS or DEVICES!!!!). I'm not saying it's right, but it's how business works in the most wealthy country in the history of the world. Chief economists in the white house acknowledge this, yet they still don't lower taxes on the corporations to see a decrease cost burden on the American people.....why?

4. Tax added to Pharm companies that import medical devices

5. Tax added to Pharm companies that import health insurance plans

- Also, Pharm companies & Insurance companies are assessed a fee each year based on their market share.

6. It cuts in half the amount of tax deductions corporations can claim on its employees (Basically, corporations will pay more for their coverage so they will pay their employees less or charge more for their services) - yet another indirect cost.

7. 5% cosmetic surgery tax - probably won't effect us unless Rypat's mom decides to get another boob job (sorry Rypat I had to)

8. They will raise the AGI floor on tax deductions (THIS IS A BIIIIIG ONE!) - Right now the AGI floor is at 7.5% so anything over 7.5% of your Adjusted Gross Income(AGI) can be claimed as a tax deduction. With the new bill, this is raised to 10%. So Jordan when you are making a 100K in a few years you would lose out on $2,500 (assuming you surpass the 10% mark) in tax deductions. Ofcourse, as your income goes up...this number will go up. I can think of a hell of a lot of things to do with that money!!!!! Note: Rybred this will not affect your parents b/c it only applies to people under the age of 65.

9. Note to the ladies: A 10% tax will be added to tanning beds!!

10. A $750 tax on anybody who doesn't buy coverage - which from what I have understand they admit will increase very often

Also, we will start paying taxes on this governmental power grab very soon. BUT we will not see any changes in coverage for another 4 years. Therefore we are paying for 10 years, but only get 6 years of coverage. wonder they can say it's going to reduce the national debt. What do you think is going to happen the following 10 years....the National Debt will skyrocket. But by then they won't care because we will be a socialist country.

Sorry for the rant...I got pissed.

Remember...A government big enough to give you all you need, is big enough to take all you have.

I look forward to hearing what you all think...

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While I don't know all the details yet, I understand that this is going to be the single worst piece of legislation ever passed.

Chris, my mama's titties aside, point me to where I can read more about this stuff?

Rybred, I'm not totally sure of the tax implications in my industry other than those that accompany being a future employer.

Edit: For the record, I hate that the gucking fovernment wants to run our lives.

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It won't really affect me at all as I pretty much have the bare minimum my company offers. Go health care!!! I wish the Government would wipe my butt while they're at it.

But honestly I do not really know much about it. I like SOME of the things in the bill but overall it's just very messy. IMO I think something needed to be done. Is this the end all means all bill? Hell no. Is it a good start? Probably not, but its something.

I don't think I am AS conservative as the rest of you. I'm all for freedom Noetzel but I also think the gov has to step in at certain points and take care of the people, especially in such a kick ass country like ours where so many citizens have no insurance.

I DO like the fact children can stay on their parents insurance until they are 26. I DO like that it will be easier for normal people to get health care. I know it pisses you all off but not everyone is planning on making 6 figures in their lifetime, including me. So I'm more thinking about the people that are making $25k a year that can't do anything about it. People that aren't as fortunate as we were to be brought up in the middle/upper middle class and have parents that could pretty much pave our way for us. People that could not afford college or couldn't make it in college.

I'm not up on all my tax information like you Noetzel, but I still think they suck ass. But as for the tanning beds, I could give a shit if the gov wants to charge girls (and TJ) an extra $.30 to tan.

Again, wtf do I know. I know that there is some good in the premise. This bill is not the best, but it is something. Am I an Obama lover? No, but I'm not a hater either. I think I sound like a fucking hippy now that I think about it.

Damn I typed alot. I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't agree with much of it at all. But there are a few good things in there that will help the average person/family out. And I also plan on this bad boy being changed and screwed with for a loooooooooooong time.

Jordan Koch, out.

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5 YOU'RE RIGHT on Tue Mar 30, 2010 9:31 pm


Well stated Jordan.

I agree with you. Something had to be done. The Rasmussen polls have shown for the last 10 years >60% of the American people wanted Health Care Reform. BUT NOT THIS ONE! The health care system needed a few changes (you named a couple good ones)...but this bill is not a few tweaks and changes. It's a complete overhaul. If your car needs a tune up you don't run to the nearest dealership and buy a new one. Well, unless you are spending money that is not yours...which is what the government is doing. Our government is not a revanue source...the only place it can get money is b taking it from the American people. Well, it can print money, but we won't go there.

It's more than class warfare. Taxing the "rich" is a slippery slope. Now, 250K is "rich", tomorrow 150K is "rich", next week 80K is "rich", next year 25K is "rich". Americans are undoubtedly the most generous nation in the world (Compare how much money America gave to Haiti vs the rest of the world), because we pay some of the least taxes on the planet. We keep more of our money, therefore we are much more apt to give it to charitable causes (aka hospitals for people who can't afford to pay their bills). When "rich" Americans keep their money....they GIVE!! I'll show you a graph when I get home...It shows how when you alleviate the tax burden on the upper/middle class, the quality of life of the entire country increases. Overall, I trully believe this bill will decrease the quality of life of our country because it is such a tax heist. More money may go to health care, but you will see other non-profit and charitable industries suffer as a result. Then, the government will take over that industry...force us to give money to them. Then the next charitable cause will suffer,'s a never ending cycle until the government controls where all of our money goes. This sounds drastic, but over a century...this could happen. It has about the history of china.

Also, you said that you wanted something to be done in a country that had so many citizens that didn't have insurance coverage.

some numbers:
- Before the bill 90% of our population had insurance. After 10 years...their goal is to have 97% of the population covered.

- As of 2009, 45 million people didn't have insurance in the US. Roughly 15 million were illegal immagrants, ~10-15 million were young healthy people making decent money who felt they were self insured and preferred to spend their money elsewhere, and ~ 15-20 million where people who legitimately couldn't afford insurance.

In the grand scheme of things, we are gearing our country up to move towards socialism for mostly illegal immigrants and people who don't even want insurance.

I agree, something has to be done to reform certain aspects of health care.....but I can assure you, this is not it.

I love talking about this stuff!!

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You lost me at Rypat's mom's boobs.

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It is not the job of the government to provide but to regulate and guide. This healthcare bill will bankrupt the country. More will be taking out than putting in. Also it will make your healthcare suck. Less doctors as if there wasnt already a shortage, longer lines at hospitals and doctors offices. Higher copays for specialist. Higher premiums for those not on the government plan. ALL OF THIS ONTOP OF HIGHER TAXES. If the government wanted to help those less fortunate they can do some of these things:

1. Open up healthcare across state lines to increase competition and lower rates.

2. Make records more available so test arent rerun over and over saving time and money.

Just a couple of simple ideas that drive the rates down. Healthcare is extremely simple to attain its just a matter of doing it. I also like the pre-existing conditions clause. That helps tons of americans who are knee deep in debt and dying because they cannot get coverage.

Now my rant.

I dropped out of school and was lucky enough to fall into a family business in which I am great at. Noetzel works hard in school to be able to make the money he does as well as TJ and Papaww have alot of time invested in their education. With that I dont believe it is my job to give a dime to anyone. I do charity events and donate alot to those less fortunate. I have a lawnmower clinic and donate the funds to cancer research as well as give $500 to the playing for a cause volleyball game and pay for many of IHMs church functions as well as donate my time to coaching. That to me is what America is about. Not being made to give but finding something you enjoy giving to. Someone called into John Gibson on fox news the other day and said we should be able to specify what our tax money goes to. John replied "I dont think you wanna do that, you wouldnt like the outcome of welfare, section 8 housing and food stamps" implying no one would give to those causes. The problem with government mandating healthcare is that it is a priveliage not a right. It would be the same as mandating me to have a car or regulating how much makeup women can wear. Its a leader regulating his people thus socialism but also borderline totalitarianism. I donate frequently to the tea party movement and am active in the tea party revolution in Burlington. The Obama administration is all smoke and mirrors. They play with words. The manipulate people into thinking these are great things when they are the extreme opposite of what this nation was founded on.

I believe in capitalism and freedom 100%. People who are poor dont want to be poor, people who used to be poor dont miss it. Do they in turn now want to take the money they make and give to those who are poor? No one helped them? Continually giving people food stamps, and vouchers, and now healthcare gives povern americans no incentive to go out and find work and make money. They can survive just fine on the government. Whatever system the government produces has to make that person better. Give a man a fish he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat forever.

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8 Well said Rybred on Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:13 am


Well said Rybred.

People afraid of government is tyranny, government afraid of people is freedom.

Go America!

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I have to admit with the baby coming and work changing as much as it has, that I haven't had much time get into details. However, I think this is a bad piece of legislation. I agree with Chris, I don't think that medical professionals will see a decrease in income. I do think that it is going to be increasingly more difficult for small businesses to be able to succeed in the medical field. Reimbursements in pharmacy have been declining for years now, and this is surely going to continue under the new healthcare. Big companies are having trouble turning profits in pharmacy right now and many independent pharmacies have went under because of the lower reimbursements from government funded programs.

Just to give you some insight into my pharmacy business. I started managing a pharmacy in Radcliff, KY. We are the closest pharmacy to Fort Know, which is a growing military base. This pharmacy was opened in September 2008. My sales volume and dollars is up 35-40% from this time last year, but my gross profit is only up 12%. Tricare is the pharmacy handler for the military and they have decreased their reimbursement rates by about 7%. Obviously a bid concern for me since this is a large part of my patient population. Due to this reimbursement rate, many smaller pharmacies are unable to serve military patients because they can't make a profit. Got of on a little tangent there.

Government is eliminating the capitalism possibilities in the healthcare system, which is largely responsible for the improvement in healthcare. The cost has become too high and in some cases has limited people from seeking the treatment they need. This step is in the wrong direction and will lead to the slowing of research and advances in healthcare. It is great for countries like Canada and Australia, but that doesn't mean it is right for us. Yes their citizens have access to health care, but they must wait long periods of time to be able to access this healthcare.

I understand to socioeconomic differences and why some people are unable to get access. In this country, the majority of people are on a level playing field. We did not have money when I was growing up. My father was self employed and I had health insurance for a total of 3 years from the time I was born until I was 25. During that time, my mother was diagnosed with Leukemia, spent over 1 year in the hospital and passed. I don't know how they did it but they managed, we managed. I didn't think that the government owed us anything and neither did my family. My father had the chance to purchase insurance and did not, that was his choice. My point is after all this rambling, we live in a country based on freedom and that is what slowly is being taken away from us. Should everyone have insurance? YES! Should the government mandate that? HELL NO! Let people make their choices and live with them. Freedom is not letting someone decide what is best for you, even if they are right. Sorry for being long winded and not much fact based. In the end, I think this will be overturned or revised because of the backlash.

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Well said Pepe.

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