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Ode to Todd Jr.

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1 Ode to Todd Jr. on Thu May 06, 2010 9:27 am

Since I don't get to give a speech at Tj's wedding (and truth be told I don't like public speaking anyways) I figured I would start a forum for each to say his own piece. So Ill channel my inner Baby Bear so here goes...

Tj, you're a special boy. My journey with Tj started senior year of homeroom when we decided to throw Steve under the bus and live together (which Steve has said to me before he blames us for his GPA at UK). We lived together in the dorms and the rest of our college careers. Tj, Steve, noetzel and myself broke up with our respective highschool girlfriends in the same week span. I remember Steves car died in the library parking lot and we had to push it out to jumpstart it in the pouring rain. So naturally steve held the brake while me and Tj attempted to push it in the downpour. So I guess that makes us even for the roomate thing but I still think me and Tj gave more. Yea we definitly gave more. Tj was there to see me make all of my mistakes in life through that time period. He helped me get into some of the trouble and helped me get out of some of it. Tj is an instigator and a catalyst. I have come to learn he is a mirror image of Big Todd, but he is as caring as his mother has been to our group of friends. I will always be jealous of Tj's ability to make friends and be well liked. But for some reason he always comes back to the same group. So TJ, thanks for all the fake doctors notes, pranks, the times you scared the hell out of me (Like hiding in my massive pile of clothes), the nights you drank with me. Thanks for being the only friend who could go to the Georgia football game in 2006 with me. Thanks for being a great friend and I hope you and Erin have a phenominal life together and I hope that it is filled with great memories and that hardships pass by and only good things come your way. From the bottom of my hillbilly heart, congratulations and I am very happy for you both.

Love, Rybred

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